Guernsey’s Digital Strategy: The Digital Framework 2021-2025

In October 2021, the States of Guernsey, through Digital Guernsey, published the Digital Framework 2021-2025. This framework marks a significant stride in the digital transformation journey of Guernsey, delineating a clear and strategic direction for digital policy. It encompasses the collective vision of government, industry, and community, underpinning Guernsey’s ambition to evolve as a digitally enabled island.

The Digital Framework outlines three strategic goals: Enabling Infrastructure, Developing Digital Skills & Pathways, and Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurial Growth. These goals are not just pillars of the framework; they represent the foundational elements essential for Guernsey’s digital evolution. Each goal is further broken down into nine ‘action areas’, encompassing specific outcomes and actionable steps, making the framework a comprehensive guide for digital advancement.

The first goal, Enabling Infrastructure, focuses on the development of robust and advanced digital infrastructure. This is foundational for enabling the rest of the digital initiatives. The framework understands that without a strong infrastructure backbone, efforts in digital skills development and innovation could be significantly hampered.

The second goal, Developing Digital Skills & Pathways, emphasizes the importance of equipping the community with the necessary digital skills. This goal acknowledges the rapid pace of technological change and the need for continuous learning and upskilling. It’s not just about creating a workforce for today’s digital needs but also about preparing for the future.

Finally, Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurial Growth reflects Guernsey’s aspiration to become a hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship. This goal is about fostering a culture of innovation, encouraging startups, and supporting businesses in their digital transformation journeys. It aims to create an ecosystem where innovation thrives and where Guernsey can position itself as a leader in the digital domain.

What makes this framework particularly impactful is its inclusive and consultative approach. The States of Guernsey, under the guidance of Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller, Chair of Digital Guernsey, has engaged with various stakeholders, ensuring that the framework is well-rounded and considers diverse perspectives. This collaborative approach is pivotal in driving the success of such a policy initiative.

As Deputy Heidi Soulsby, a representative on Digital Guernsey, highlights, the government’s role in improving public services and reducing governmental size and cost is crucially dependent on advanced technology. The framework not only addresses the current digital needs but also lays down a pathway for future technological integration, ensuring that Guernsey remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

This Digital Framework is a testament to Guernsey’s commitment to embracing the digital era. It serves as a blueprint for the island’s digital future, ensuring that both the government and the community move forward in unison towards a more digitally enabled and innovative future​​.