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Hero Image Web Design – Part 1

Although you might not know about hero images, it is quite likely that you have come across at least one. They are large, predominant images, and there’s no way you can miss them. The hero image stands out as the first image you see when you visit a website. They are a cross between a banner and a welcome mat.

Nearly all websites have hero images. On some websites, the hero image changes periodically. Other websites have one image which may remain unchanged for years. Many websites also utilize sliders, which are a set of rotated pictures and headlines serving as hero images.

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The hero image’s task is to create and enhance brand engagement. The image is the first impression for visitors which will often determine whether they remain on the site or leave quickly. Since the impact of the hero image is so crucial, you will want to design a truly impressive hero image. It is well worth the effort because the ideal hero image will be the foundation for an appealing website that will help visitor interaction soar.

Creating a successful hero image for your website:

• What’s a hero image?
• What’s a good hero image?
• Working with a headline
• Relevant images
• A clear CTA
• Hero Image Size
• How to set the tone for the website
• How to design the website hero image that works for your brand

What’s a hero image for a website?

You find them daily on the web. Hero images are the large-scale figures featured on numerous home pages. They are designed to be big, bold introductions to a brand, even if the brand is not very bold itself. Hero images are frequently used to promote special offers or specific content, but that is not always their use. Hero images are meticulously created images meant to showcase the site’s brand in an optimal fashion.

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Usually the dominant image on a homepage, and sometimes the only one, the hero image is extremely important. This image is designed to leave a lasting impression and is typically the first image you see on a site. It can be clickable or not. Additionally, it can have text or not. The goal is to design an optimal hero image to fulfill the brand’s specific goals.. You will want the image to connect well with visitors and encourage them to stay on the website in order to achieve your objectives. For example, you may want visitors to purchase a product, view your content, download item(s), or connect with others on the site.