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Hero Image Web Design – Part 2

In part two of our series on hero image design we look at what defines a good hero image and also how to work with the headline.

What defines a good hero image?

  • A successful hero image should show, not tell
  • It will portray your brand as an image, but in a different way than a logo does. Whereas a logo represents a brand as a symbol, a hero image is a token of the experience website visitors can count on from your brand.
  • A well-created hero image has several components. In contrast to the uniqueness of hero images, they are quite similar in the design choices deliberately selected to engage and maintain visitors’ attention.
  • The choices for design are the following:
  • An image which complements the headline
  • An image which is consistent with the site’s brand and purpose
  • A clear call for action
  • High quality images
  • Responsiveness
  • Clear branding that is consistent with the overall website design
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It may sound daunting, but take our word for it, the design of an ideal hero image meets much of the same criteria as design in other areas of a website. As you read on below, you will learn more about the elements that are vital for a successfully designed website hero image.

Work with the Headline

A successful hero image must coordinate well with its headline. The synchrony between the image and the headline will capture visitors’ attention and lure them in to explore your site. This effect will only be achieved by the combination of the image and the headline working in accord. A persuasive headline and a perfect picture together will form a dynamic duo that will promote your goals extremely well.

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In the DSKY design shown above, you can see how well the headline copy and the image work in sync.. Even before a visitor reads the paragraph introducing Stillwater Investing as a Maine-based investment company, the hero image has already told them a great deal about the firm. It shows that they are located in New England, they promise to help clients achieve financial security, and also that by entrusting your investments to them, you can live the lifestyle portrayed in the images. The images depict spending time with your loved ones, and engaging in hobbies in a scenic setting. They also point out that this upscale lifestyle is possible by achieving financial security. through their investment firm.

M Noriega’s hero image design accomplishes the same goal: It clearly illustrates the purpose of the website, and its promises to visitors immediately when they arrive on the site. The photo depicts a complicated issue in an approachable, easy to understand way.