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Hero Image Web Design – Part 4

In part four of our article series on hero image design we look at how to create a clear call to action as well as the optimal size at which to design your hero image banner.

A Clear CTA

A call to action,, also known as CTA, refers to the bit of text, often located on or near a button, telling the visitor to take an action. The hero image greets visitors on your site and sets them on a journey. But this journey doesn’t end there. Your hero should point visitors to the next step. The way to accomplish this step is a clear CTA.

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As you design your hero image, examine the balance and hierarchy of the design. The essential step is laying out imagery in a well-balanced way. to achieve an appealing symmetry. The text and imagery should be properly spaced and attractively laid out in an orderly and attractive way. Be sure to avoid uneven areas of starkness or clutter. Also check that your image is properly aligned and centered.

If you have unclear hierarchy, readers may be confused and put off by the disorder. Visitors may be taken aback if they see the CTA before understanding what to do, or reading the tagline before seeing your brand’s name, or possibly missing the headline completely. This type of experience would definitely discourage visitors who might otherwise stay on the site or return again in the future.

Image Size of Responsive Hero

Today, more than half of web traffic consists of mobile phones. That’s why you must have a responsive hero and a responsive website to connect with these consumers. Responsive design is web design that fits the users’ needs, as well as web design that is adapted to the devices on which they are displayed.

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When selecting a hero image, you must test how the image will actually appear on a variety of screens. Check to see if any vital areas of an image are cut off, or if copy or details are difficult to read or see. The hero image must retain effectiveness and communicate its message consistently on whatever devices visitors use.

When working with a designer of hero images, work with someone who has relevant experience in the creating of responsive images and has the ability to create hero images across a variety of screen sizes.