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Hero Image Web Design – Part 5

In this final article on hero image web design we look at how to set the tone for the rest of the website as well as how to design your website’s hero image.

How to Set the Tone for the Rest of the Website

The average visitor spends less than fifteen seconds before leaving, or bouncing, as it’s commonly known using analytics jargon, to another website. Fifteen seconds is too short a time to interact with a site in a meaningful way. That’s why it’s imperative for the hero image to hook visitors and communicate to them immediately why your site and brand are what they need. This is a critical first step in your visitor’s journey on your site. UX design is website design that focuses on user experience. Effective UX designing guides a visitor through a website. It leads them logically on a journey and to a conclusion. It makes the visit feel like a logical, natural progression at every step in the journey. If you work with a UX designer on your site, part of the design plan will be placement of the hero image.

Design Your Website’s Hero Image

As stated above, your site’s hero image has a key role. It facilitates a conversation between a visitor and your website. It’s like a beacon tailored to your brand’s aesthetic. It can accurately reflect your brand’s personality or, if it’s not a good match, it will make false promises, and visitors will not be likely to trust your brand.

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You can start to design a hero image through referring to your brand’s identity. What are the reasons behind the specific shapes, colors, and fonts you have chosen previously. Why did you choose the overall aesthetic style you originally decide on? Examine those design choices for inspiration to choose a hero image. You can look at the present brand identity to determine the best direction for a hero image and also undertake market research which is extremely helpful.

Conducting A/B testing to find the ideal hero image can be very helpful. Half of the visitors to your homepage experience one option (A), and the other half experience a second option (B). This method can be used for testing different versions of your homepage as well. Analyzing key statistics for both versions of the hero images and the homepage tests will be invaluable in determining which options resonate more with your target audience.

Saving the Day through A.H.I.D.

If your hero image is not the best possible choice, it could lead to shorter visits, lower engagement, fewer clicks, and fewer conversions. Don’t stand in the way of success with a poorly chosen hero image. Utilize a professional web designer who can create an outstanding hero image perfectly fitted to your brand.