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How Brand Copy and Design Work Together – Part 5

In the final chapter of our series on band copy and design working together we look at ways in which we can harmonize copy and design.

Harmonizing Copy and Design

By keeping tight communication with one another, not only do you ensure things run smoothly, but it also allows you to elevate one another’s work. Below are some great ways to see incredibly positive results with your work by communicating with your copywriter and designer.

1. Sit in the Same Room

Of course a literal interpretation of this is ideal, if you can’t be together physically make a point to set up a workflow that is as reminiscent of that fact as possible.

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You can do regular Skype or Zoom meetings but also make a point where certain things must be run by the other person. This clears up any potential confusion while also offering a chance to take in another viewpoint to gauge whether the idea should expand or not.

2. Match and Complement Skill Sets

You wouldn’t hire a web designer to make a logo. So don’t hire a blogger to write brand copy. Make sure that you are bringing on people that are right for what you want. Always remember that, while they are helpful, the copywriter and designer are beholden to your vision for your business. Make sure you pick the people that work well with one another and are capable of handling their given task.

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Another additional tidbit. It’s important that both parties be seen as equal, without one overriding the other. Both, copywriting and visual designing are two distinct positions that work synergistically with one another. As mentioned earlier, while they work best with one another they can work solidly on their own.

If you want the best results, make sure both positions are equally under you.

3. Design with Copy in Mind

The more your designer is kept in the know with what the copy is going to be, the better. Copywriting, specifically for brand copy, requires precise and keywords to be used so that the exact right feeling is elicited from the prospective customer. If the designer writes knowing what the copywriter has planned, their design will have a higher chance of maintaining the same tone.

4. Write with Design in Mind

Just as the designer should be aware of what the writer is doing, so too should the copywriter be in the know on the designer’s plans. It cannot be stressed enough how vitally important communication between the three parties is to maintaining a cohesive and congruent message throughout the whole of your company’s brand.

Great Design? Copy That.

To ensure you have a great design, the best way is to approach it with a holistic mindset. This isn’t about one specific image or layout design, but rather the brand’s entire look and feel.

When searching for a designer or other creatives, you need to make sure that they can understand exactly what you want and have the skills to do it. If you don’t know where to start, we can help. Take a look through our platform of visual and graphic designers so that you can find the perfect creative to help you with your brand.