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How Brand Copy and Design Work Together – Part 1

Have you ever wondered how your favorite brands communicate with you? Have you considered what they sound like or what they say to get a response from you? While these may seem like strange questions, if you are looking to build or develop a brand name of your own, they are absolutely vital to your success.

Every brand has its own unique way of communicating with and connecting with its customer or audience. How this message is communicated is known as their brand copy while the tone and way in which they structure their message are known as their brand voice.

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A company’s brand copy is a key piece to its overall identity, sitting alongside various other elements such as the logo or colour palette. Now, it’s admittedly quite easy to consider the brand copy as being an alternative to the brand’s design. In reality, however, the brand copy is only at its most effective when interwoven into the brand’s visual design, making both all the better as a result.

Conversely, the opposite is also true. A great visual design can be irreparably harmed by a poor brand copy. Similarly, an amazing copy can be completely disregarded if the brand’s design is subpar.

As you bring together the different members of your creative team, it is essential that hiring a top-notch copywriter and visual designer be one of your highest priorities.

What is Brand Copy?

Brand Copy is defined as being the text that communicates the tone and personality of the brand to its audience. An easy example would be akin to the written form of a brand’s logo. One thing that should be emphasized here is that brand copy and brand messaging are not interchangeable terms. Similarly, a brand copy is separate from marketing copy, direct response copy, or the company’s content.

We know that the terms can get kind of confusing, so here’s a quick breakdown of each of them and how they differ from one another.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is how you communicate your value to the customer or audience. For example, if you owned a tutoring service for elementary-aged students, your brand messaging would center around bringing the most value for your students. You would emphasize to parents that studying under you would result in their children getting better grades, showing more confidence when in school, and having a deeper understanding of the material. What’s more, your messaging would illustrate that your method was more valuable or effective than your competitors.

In this example, the messaging would be how you stand apart and what you have to offer. The method in which this is communicated is through brand copy.