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Logo Design Trademarking – Part 6

Concluding our series on trademarking a logo design we look at whether there is ever a reason not to trademark, inserting trademarks in to text and what happens if your trademark rights are violated.

Is There a Reason Not to Trademark?

Yes, it can be the smartest move for your business or logo at the time. If you don’t have everything set in stone and there’s a possibility something will fall through then it’s best to wait. It takes a long time and can cost a decent sum of money to get a logo trademarked. Don’t push through with it if you’re not 100% on all fronts. This includes temporary business or a business you don’t think will last very long.

Creatively, if it isn’t unique or eyecatching there isn’t a point in trademarking it. You want something that will produce results not just any image that looks okay. If you’re not completely satisfied or sure about the logo don’t trademark it. You may want to completely overhaul the whole thing or scrap it, then the original trademark becomes a waste of money.

Inserting Trademark Into Texts

Pending trademarks can be used in texts with the trademark symbol. This can be done for business announcements, social media, or images. On laptops or desktops hit the [alt] key on the keyboard in tandum with 0153 for the TM symbol to appear. Repeat with 0174 for the trademark symbol. Apple users need to hold the option key and press R for the trademark symbol

What If My Trademark Rights Are Violated?

Hire an experienced lawyer, preferably with knowledge of copyright laws, and press charges. Cease and dissit letters usually do the trick but some instances require more. If you end up in court you may end up with a judge that deems it okay for both you and the other person to use the same logo hence Apple, Inc and Apple Corps. Different companies similar names. We have an article dedicated to copyright rights and how to tell if something is infringement or not. Take a look if you’re unsure

Brands that are new and growing should really take time to create a logo. You want to be both remembered and unique. This takes thought and creativity but the outcome is worth the blood, sweat, and tears!