APRU Impact Report

APRU Impact Report

Client: APRU
Website: apru.org
Date: 2018-09-03
Services: Graphic Design, Printing

The APRU Impact Report reflects the positive impact of bringing together the social sciences and humanities with science and technology disciplines to address global challenges.

Underlying the critical issues of the Asia-Pacific region is the relationship of research and technological discovery to inequality in all of its many forms: economic, race, gender, social class, differential vulnerability to climate change, and health threats. Research universities are uniquely placed to respond, owing to their comprehensive range of capabilities and their deep links to their own societies.


The graphical element featured on the front of the APRU Impact Report is emblematic of the theme of amplifying impact whilst at the same time staying true to the shape of the logo element.

Throughout the report infographics are used to bring to life the data, which would otherwise not be visually stimulating enough to hold the attention of the target audience.