BDO Web Design and Development

BDO are a globally renowned financial services group. They asked Harbour Studios to design and develop for them a Mergers and Acquisitions platform. It serves as an arena where investors and business owners looking to sell their business can connect from anywhere around the world. This is a scalable Enterprise class website project and required custom coding from the foundations up.

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Client: BDO
Date: June 12, 2017
Services: Web Design, Web Development


The greatest design challenge in the BDO Mergers & Acquisitions platform was how to present the wide tables of data.

This had to be done in such a way that they had a font size large enough to be legible, did not have a horizontal scroll and could work responsively with different screen sizes. The information also of course had to be visually presented in a logical and user friendly layout so that site members could easily scroll through a page of deals and garner all of the information that they required at a glance.

As you can see from the Deals page design above we came up with the visual solution of presenting the data in a tabular layout. BDO’s brand guidelines include a number of very vivid colours which needed to be included. These were used throughout the design for the various banners and tabs.