HeHa Web Design and Development

HeHa are a technology brand that creates wearable health devices. We were asked by HeHa to design and develop a microsite for their new wrist worn product, the Qi. It is a Health Manager that monitors the ECG heart activity of the wearer and links its data to the accompanying HeHa app. The microsite is one long scrolling page containing all of the relevant information in stacked layers.

HeHa approached Harbour Studios to create an English stand-alone site that would appeal to a western audience due to the fact that they were showcasing this product at the CES Consumer Technology Association Expo in the US.

The website is built on a WordPress platform and is responsive for mobile devices.

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Client: HeHa
Date: May 20, 2015
Services: Web Design, Web Development


Each segment of the page layout needed to succinctly sell the attributes of the product.

A slide show banner sits at the top of the page to showcase the products and to explain the key messaging in alternating animated slides. The ECG heartbeat graphic behind the products gives the viewer an instant visual key as to the devices’ functionality and main selling point. The sections underneath are organised in an alternating colour scheme pattern of a white background theme followed by a dark blue background theme.

Each section is approximately the height of a computer screen so that all of the relevant information can be seen in a single viewing without the viewer having to scroll. The general feel of the web design needed to represent high tech, sportiness as well as general health and well-being.