Open to Learn Website Design and Development

Open To Learn is a charity devoted to promoting education and development in Liberia.

Their aim is to provide the children of Liberia with free schooling – a space to learn, clean and cold water and a sense of community.

When Open to Learn asked Harbour Studios to create their branding as well as design and develop their website, we felt it to be a great honour.

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Client: Open to Learn
Date: August 12, 2014
Services: Branding, Copy Writing, Web Design, Web Development, Hosting


The Open to Learn website is a custom designed theme built on a WordPress platform.

We started with the branding and designed the  logo. The red, white and blue colour scheme as well as the star element are based on the national flag of Liberia. In order to make the logo appealing to children, the star element was anthropomorphised into a happy, smiling starfish character. The font used in the logo is SAF, which has a classically African feel to it. For the website design we used a combination of earthy and vibrant colours to reflect the imagery of Liberia.

The photography depicts happy, hopeful school children as well as shots of the founder Mark Taylor and other dedicated volunteers who have worked to make this charity a success. Other design elements include a traditional African pattern repeating across the background and also a silhouetted landscape featuring local wildlife. For the typography we used Museo Slab for the headings and Proxima Nova for the main paragraph text.