Property852 Web Design and Development

Property852 is a Hong Kong based property portal that connects landlords directly with tenants without the need to operate via a real estate agent. The website is the core pivot of the business and so it needed to be a very sophisticated system that could handle very niche functionality. For this reason, a standard WordPress platform was not sufficient. Harbour Studios custom built the Property852 platform using the Laravel PHP platform in order to create a flexible, scalable and peak technological site.

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Client: Property852
Date: November 20, 2020
Services: Web Design, Web Development


Designing a website like Property852 is as much of a logistical challenge as it is an aesthetic one.

We started with the brand identity. The logo is the keystone around which the website design is built. The Property852 logo depicts the Hong Kong area code 852 with the numbers presented jauntily thanks to the use of the font Candara. Surrounding the numbers is a graphical element that represents both the brackets that would traditionally enclose an area code and also doubles as a visual cue for a ringing sound effect. The vibrant blue colour gives the branding a modern dynamic feel.

User experience and design are inextricably linked. Particularly when it comes to a project such as this one where it is essential that the user be led around the interface and the system as a whole purely by the design and the UX. The data must be laid out in a logical way and the interactions must be so intuitive that performing them is like second nature to the user. Website visitors have notoriously short tolerance threshold for interfaces that confuse of annoy them.