SCRFA Website Design and Development

SCRFA (Science and Conservation of Fish Aggregations) is a US registered organisation that seeks to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities of fish spawning aggregations, and improve their protection and management.

This important work helps to preserve the marine ecosystem and protect against what could be devastating effects for our oceans. As such Harbour Studios was honoured to be able to help such a noble cause.

The SCRFA website required a major revamp with a brand new design and a new CMS platform. We recommended WordPress as the perfect CMS for their needs, due to the fact that it is so user friendly and widely used.

The website includes a variety of functionality including news blogs, an image gallery, general information about the members and activities as well as links to pertinent data.

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Client: SCRFA
Date: June 12, 2019
Services: Web Design, Web Development


The design needed to reflect both the oceanic nature of the website as well as the scientific structure of the work behind it.

For the design process we started with three initial design concepts for the Home page. After sharing the designs with the client, we took their feedback and then went through a series of revisions until the Home page was perfect for them. Using that approved design we then rolled out the other page designs using Adobe Creative Cloud. The SCRFA wanted to keep their existing branding so we used the logo as the keystone to the design. The brand shades of blue are used throughout the design. In addition to this SCFRA had access to a wealth of photography from the specialist marine life photographer Richard Barnden.

Having unique, relevant photographic material available to use is an enormous asset in a design project. Stock photography can be great, however original photography takes a design to the next level.

For the typography we went for a striking combination of Oswald for the titles with Merriweather for the paragraph text.