Trident Strategy Logo and Web Design

Trident Strategy is a Singapore based company that specialises in strategic partnerships and sports consulting. With their dedicated team of industry experts coupled with a rich network of contacts, they are ideally suited to help elevate your business. Trident Strategy’s team of dedicated employees include qualified lawyers, accountants and experienced sales people.

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Client: Trident Strategy
Date: July 20, 2021
Services: Web Design, Web Development


Trident Strategy design focus.

One of the core business areas of Trident Strategy is sports consulting. It therefore initially seemed that sporty motifs would be the obvious direction for the logo design. However the client was keen not to pigeonhole the business with such an on-the-nose design approach.

Instead they wanted to focus on the trident motif and so we explored a number of design and colour variations. You can view some of the initial design concepts featured.

Logo design concepts