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Seven Contact Page Web Design Tips – Part 3

In the third and final part of our article series on contact page web design we look at brand consistency.increasing engagement and being transparent.

5. Brand Consistency

Tailor Your Visual Brand
Since the contact page ties together you, your organization, and your visitor, it is vitally important to maintain consistency with your brand’s aesthetics and values. Since templates are not often tailored perfectly to your specific brand, you should edit them carefully to align more closely with your brand and to showcase your brand’s unique personality.

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Tailor Tone of Voice
Your website should maintain a distinct and consistent tone of voice throughout your site. Whether the tone is friendly, professional, humorous, or uses another approach, all pages, including the contact page, must be completely in sync with each other. Since it is imperative to have an inviting and friendly tone, rather than seem intimidating, you should avoid using jargon or long, overly complex words unless absolutely necessary.

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6. Increasing Engagement

Don’t hesitate to experiment and use creativity in your contact page design. By making it fun, you will create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere. You can humanize your site with personalized photos, illustrations, and interactive elements that will help build rapport with users and make the experience more friendly. The more at ease users feel, the more they will want to return to your site.
You might also instill more personality into your chat bots so they are more fun and engaging! An adorable chat bot can help personalize the site and add some fun.

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7. Being Transparent

Data Policy
Keep in mind that when contacting your company, your visitor is taking a risk by providing personal information such as their name and email address, and even their credit card number.

Although it is vital to record visitor data for purposes of documentation and troubleshooting, it’s a good practice to acknowledge your visitors’ rights to be informed of how their data is used.

An ethical practice is to be transparent with users and to collect only the information you actually require. Frequently, you only need a name, an e-mail address, or a phone number. Linking the privacy policy whenever you collect data, assures users that you will not sell their data to third parties. This practice will not only encourage users to provide information, but will also help build their trust.

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Response Time
Communicating with visitors regarding response times is also a form of transparency. This practice reduces users’ anxiety when they do not hear back quickly. It also minimizes multiple queries from the same user and instills increased trust between the business and the customers.

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Summing It Up
By considering these seven design tips for contact pages, you can give your visitors an outstanding, memorable experience on your contact page.
In addition, it will encourage them to come back more often.

Now is a great time to re-evaluate your present contact page design, or even start building one. If you haven’t already done so! If you are too busy, or need some assistance in contact page design, reaching out to a talented professional designer can set your contact page design apart from all the rest.

In the third part of our article series on contact page web design we look at