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Six Singapore Web Design Tips – Part 1

There are numerous factors, design choices, and elements of web design which could detract from the users’ experience unnecessarily. These factors can make it more difficult to navigate, to connect, and to develop trust among your website’s target audience. Keep reading to learn about six of the most detrimental website design blunders and how to avoid them.

Web Design Singapore

1. Cluttering the Website

Unless you have a strong foundation in web design, you are at risk of making one of the most common mistakes in design: adding unnecessary design elements simply because they are available.

It is definitely worth doing some research about basic design principles before getting started. It’s essential to begin with a thorough knowledge of what your goals are for your website and how exactly you will accomplish those objectives. These days, there is a vast assortment of tools and options available such as animated logos, pop-ups, embedded video, and much more, which can easily overwhelm amateur designers.

Don’t become inundated with busy designs which can overload visitors with annoying pop-up advertisements, a complex navigation bar, and videos which auto-play. Imitate Marie Kondo’s philosophy by creating a sleek, clutter-free web design.

It’s relatively easy to avoid overcrowding your web designs since it just requires avoiding the temptation to keep adding excess elements to the site out of curiosity. If you can’t explain exactly what a certain element on your page was designed to accomplish, it should not be there at all. Stay focused on creating a simple, solid structure to give your users as seamless and positive an experience as you possibly can.

2. Heading Straight to the Computer

The second mistake commonly made regarding web design is at the core of the designing process. Many business owners, as well as a fair amount of amateurish web page designers, still view web design like a process which occurs on a computer. While it is true your ultimate creation will eventually be seen this way, it is far from true when it pertains to its design. Rather, you will want to rely more on traditional artistic techniques when starting to design your site before turning to the use of a web design builder or program.

In fact, the best method for starting to design web pages is to simply grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Begin by making a list of specific goals for the website. Then design pages which are focused specifically on achieving these core objectives that you have identified.

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By designing this way, you will be able to clearly spot design redundancies and greatly streamline your web pages.

This type of approach is why the top web designers can easily command high fees from their clients. It is not because they are skilled in using website-builder software since today most people can. It is by knowing proper website structure that they can help ensure your vision succeeds before you or he even touches a computer.