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Web Design and the Importance of Testing

Web design average positive reviews usually outweigh any negative outliers for most potential buyers. In addition, these spaces may offer an opportunity for brands to respond to negative feedback or customer questions, showcasing the personalised care and service they provide.

In contrast, by neglecting this kind of content, your brand could be perceived as lacking confidence or transparency. Authenticity is often more important than a super-polished web design product page design.

Test, Analyse, and Iterate

We can advise you on achieving a great design, but we can’t predict whether your final product page will succeed. But your audience can tell you. Your product page’s success depends on analytic tools such as Glew or Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce which will show you what people are buying.

Traffic and its sources, as well as session data and–of course–conversion rates are key metrics to watch carefully. Getting to the source of any problems, however, is the tricky part of the process since it won’t always be the fault of the design.

Web Design

Lack of interaction including scrolling or a high bounce rate might show the page is not interesting at first glance.

If the cart abandonment rate is high, it might mean the checkout process is burdensome or that unexpected costs are deterring buyers. If visitors, after a lengthy session, don’t proceed to the cart phase, unpersuasive copy could be the problem. If there is low traffic on a page, you might need to revamp your SEO strategy.

Finally, it’s vital to give attention to both the volume and content of negative reviews (on your site and on review aggregates such as Trust Pilot) since this data might show an issue with delivery or your product itself.

If you find that the web design is the source of your problem, you must have the courage to institute changes, even if the design looks awesome to you and took extensive effort. A/B testing is a valuable tool to quickly test different design versions and make a data-based decision which will lead to a boost in performance.

Great Product Page Web Design Needs a Great Designer

Your product page design is part style, part science, and all business. Ultimately, a great product page is designed to lift your product out of the computer screen and into the customer’s daily reality. We hope this guide helps you on your path to accomplishing this goal. When you are ready to have a product page that closes deals, be sure to utilize a talented designer.