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Web Design Interactive Ideas – Part 1

When creating a website design, the most important and largest determining factor is its engagement and interactivity by its users. It doesn’t matter how nice a webpage is or how well it is developed, if the users aren’t using it then it’s about as useful as an ice shop in Alaska.

The reason user interactions and engagements play such a determining factor in web design comes down to the fact that it directly correlates to product consumption. Whether you are creating a store, a blog site, or a tutorial “how-to”, getting people to interact with what they see is the most effective way to ensure they ultimately consume the provided content.

If you want to know what works and what doesn’t, you need to learn from the professionals. In this breakdown, we’ve curated 6 essential tips and ideas that you can use to create a stellar web design with massive engagement.

1. Utilize Loading Screens

For the longest time, loading screens have been one of the biggest headaches for users and designers alike. No matter how well polished and developed a site is, if it takes an additional three, four, or five seconds before popping up, people are far more likely to leave with virtually no interaction on the site. It is one of the more difficult and frustrating parts of development as, for the longest time, it was something designers simply had to deal with.

And while that is certainly still a potential roadblock even now, there are some ways to mitigate this negative situation, in some cases even turning it into a net positive.

Through the inclusion of animation use, you can turn a loading screen into a fun mini experience before they even do anything on the site itself.

As they are so rarely used on other sites, including these short animations will give users a chance to learn about your brand and its personality, immediately putting them in a positive mental state and eager to see more of what you’ve got.

One of the most commonly used animation styles includes a progress bar of some kind. They can often vary from a simple progress bar loading to including some type of character doing something.

Similarly, one can also decide to include small games for the user to play if there is a particularly long loading time. These games ultimately create a fun and interactive experience for the user keeps them fully engaged and open to spending time on your site.

Ultimately, by creating a loading screen that is fun and entertaining, you can easily make an aspect that under normal circumstances would potentially lose a person’s interest, something that is the most interesting part of your platform.