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Web Design Singapore Best Practices for Product Page Design

Since we have reviewed all the basics of product pages and how they work, we’ll go over a few web design Singapore tips and show you some examples.

Use the Right Software for Product Page Web Design

The process will usually start with a list of necessary features for the product page design software. Most designers then generate ideas of how the elements will fit together by using pen-and-paper sketches. This is known as a wireframe: a skeletal, simplified representation of page structure. Once you have narrowed the options down, you will move on to the software.

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Figma and Sketch are two prototyping apps which create mock-ups that are more sophisticated. They generate more accurate representations of what the page will actually look like. Another app, InvisionApp, can be used to create interactive prototypes, which speeds up the process of testing.

Prototyping apps benefit the designer by allowing them to focus solely on the user experience early in the process. However, they tend to result in designs that are less original. Since the goal is for the customer to have a seamless shopping experience, less originality is sometimes preferable. If you would like to have more creative designs, animations, or textures, software such as After Effects and Photoshop are required.

Use of a Template-Based Layout Web Design Approach

Since most e-commerce website designs have numerous-if not hundreds-of products, it is not feasible to tailor a product page for each item individually. Web design Singapore designers usually create template layouts, so that it’s easy to add new product pages simply through copying and pasting existing content. A single template can be used for all product pages, or templates–which are slightly different–can be used for various product categories.

Planning is required for template-based design. Copywriters and marketers must commit to having a consistent number of feature lists, images, testimonials, Q&A’s, etc. for all products. However, the templates for product pages are not always required to be completely identical. For example, the colour schemes of the product pages can vary to match the colour of different products.

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Product pages today frequently share somewhat standard layouts, even across various companies. E-commerce web design Singapore sites, for example, frequently display images to the left of the product description, with customisation options and CTA to the right. Below there is typically a web design Singapore list of benefits and specifications, which is followed by FAQ’s and then review and testimonials.

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A strong point of ubiquitous layouts such as this is familiarity for most visitors, who will know intuitively where to find the information they need. Its straightforward design is ideal particularly for buyer/seller platforms such as Ebay where brands have no control over product copy and images.

However, there are ways to avoid making this layout boring and dull. For example, in the Monstera design, the general position of the elements on the product page is standard, but both the solid-colored background and the image’s scale are unexpected.