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Web Design Trends for 2021 – Part 1

Advanced Parallax Animation

Over the years, web design animation trends have risen in popularity. After the sad demise of Flash the range of animated effects were however rather more simplistic. One such effect to gain ubiquity was the parallel scroll. Parallax is the effect whereby as the user scrolls down through a section, the background moves slower than the foreground. This creates a more realistic depth perception effect that you may see for example whilst viewing passing scenery in a moving car or look out of a glass elevator. While some do say that they find this effect a little disorientating and evocative of motion sickness, it generally serves to add depth and intrigue to a web design.  


In 2021 we will see this effect develop even further with multiple layers activating at different times to create an even more theatrical effect.


Neumorphism is a rather divisive style that has grown dramatically in popularity this year.  Seen as an evolution of skeauomophism, a style from the 2010s that had a more 3D and textured graphical style and featured heavily in apps and websites, particularly their buttons and other UI elements. It was emphatically replaced by the ‘flat’ design trend which utilised a more 2D simplified graphical style free from gradients, drop shadows or other textures. This style has reigned supreme since then but neomorphism seems to be making a push for dominance.

Rather than a complete retro recycle neomorphism incorporates design elements from both of the trends with designs that simulate realism through selective drop-shadows whilst being overlaid with semi flat colours. One common effect in this genre greatly resembles embossing so that the element appears to be slightly raised from the rest of the page. This provides a more tactile feel to the design with the aim of enhancing the viewers emotional connection with the design that they are interacting with.

Expect to see more of this in 2021. Even the ne Mac OS Big Sur incorporates elements of this design style.

Abstract Art Compositions

Simple minimalistic geometric shapes such as circles and squares have become a popular design feature in recent times. By fusing these shapes into more complex sprawling graphic designs it creates an effect of great energy and creativity.

In many cases these abstract art displays are replacing stock photos and figure illustrations. This abstract art becomes even more engaging and lively when animated.